Casualty Map

Published in 2012 the project's acclaimed map showing the distribution of casualties across the central area of the borough. The map shows the concentration of loss suffered by the community in the period 1914 to 1919. The reverse side of the map lists the numbers of casualties street-by-street.

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Animated Casualty Map

As featured in the BBC1 documentary (June 2014) - Despatches from Tyneside - watch and listen how the Great War devastated the local community of North Shields. See the relentless impact; street by street, house by house, family by family and learn of those people who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Articles of War

Recording a community’s contribution and commemoration of, the Great War 1914 – 19
Alan Fidler

Alan Fidler was born in North Shields in 1949, where he has lived for most of his life. A graduate of the University of Birmingham he has worked in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors for more than 50 years. His interest in the Great War was sparked by seeing the large number of Commonwealth War Graves Commission headstones and family memorial inscriptions in Preston Cemetery in North Shields, relating to men who died in the war.

The contents of Articles of War are based on contributions published in the News Guardian over the years 2011 – 2018. They have been edited and in some cases amplified with information that came to the project after the original date of publication, particularly in respect of family history and images.


The Response
The North East and the Great War

Full of information collated by the project’s volunteers ; written by Ruth Chittenden and Alan Fidler, this 52 page book covers our region’s contribution to ‘the war to end all wars’. Price £5.00

Lavishly illustrated and full of personal stories of heroism, bravery and tragedy with many photographs of personal artefacts and recollections of the war.

Available to buy from  Keel Row Bookshop, Fenwick Terrace, North Shields and Old Low Light Heritage Centre, Clifford’s Fort, Fish Quay, North Shields.

Tyneside Tommy

Three Kings Brewery’s bottled version of ‘Tyneside Tommy’ was produced with limited edition ‘dog tag’ labels.

With 30 biographical ‘dog-tag’ labels.

(not currently available).


An Artists warAn Artist’s War

The Art and Letters of Morris & Alice Meredith Williams
Phyllida Shaw

He was an artist, she a sculptor. Together this husband and wife team captured the Great War like no one else has.

Visitors to Edinburgh Castle see the work of Morris and Alice Meredith Williams every day, and do so in their thousands. And yet both have been largely neglected as artists of the First World War.

When war broke out, Morris Meredith Williams was living in Edinburgh with his wife Alice, a sculptor, and earning his living from book illustration and teaching. A short man, his attempt to join the army in 1914 failed, but six months later he was accepted by the 17th Battalion, The Welsh Regiment, first Bantam battalion.

Never without a sketchbook and pencils in his pocket, he produced an extraordinary record of his surroundings. After the war some of the sketches became oil paintings while others inspired war memorials in various media, most notably for the Scottish National War Memorial, on which he and Alice worked together.

In this stunning book, the Meredith Williams’ art is displayed in fine style, ranging from the touching and heartfelt to the most brutal, stark images of the waste and loss of war.

May 2017 £30.00
978-0-7509-8238-2 hardback
250x250mm, 272 pages 300 colour illustrations

Phyllida Shaw was bequeathed Morris Meredith Williams’ sketchbooks by his second wife, her great aunt. She has worked as a researcher and writer in the cultural sector for thirty years. The book is designed by graphic designer David Grey, who is closely involved with the Northumbria World War One Commemoration Project.