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The project was engaged for eight years in building the most comprehensive biographical history possible of more than 1850 men of the Borough of Tynemouth known to have been killed or died in military service, the Merchant Navy and fishing fleets.

Database expansion – from November 2015 the online database was expanded and it is now possible to search records by reference to separate communities within the Borough of North Tyneside.  The programme of research in to these other communities brought the total number of casualties on the database to approximately 4000.

a) The 18th Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers one of the three ‘Commercial’ battalions raised and supported by the Newcastle and Gateshead Incorporated Chamber of Trade and Industry. Research is being undertaken to tell the story of as many of those who served at some time in the battalion from formation to disbandment in 1919, including for survivors their later lives. This research is currently suspended, see home page.

b) Borough of Tynemouth Prisoners of War Parcels Fund – established to provide support to men of the former borough who found themselves in enemy hands. The fund was active until the end of the war and raised money as well as providing parcels for transmission to those men in POW camps or camps for civilian internees in Germany and the Netherlands.
This section of the new database also covers the later lives of those who survived their period in captivity. A number who died while prisoners-of-war are included here as well as on the Tynemouth section of the Northumbria database.

The Northumbria database search can be refined using the drop-down box at the top right hand corner of the database home page.

The current research programme [for the North Tyneside area] was concluded in 2018. The absence of a casualty’s name does not mean that we are unaware of any particular casualty.

The databases are free to access and all materials in relation to each man are free to download for personal and academic use only.

Our research has shown that we have further men to add, so if your relative is not shown and they were born or lived in the Borough of Tynemouth or elsewhere in the current borough of North Tyneside and you have information to add to an existing record then please get in touch.

If you have any information about a man who served in the 18th Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers or was a prisoner of war who had resided in Tynemouth Borough at the time of the war (and his captivity). We would be very grateful to discuss that with you and have copies of documents or photographs for inclusion in the databases.

Whilst we take care to provide accurate information, the Project can accept no responsibility for inaccuracies in the data provided.

For use in any commercial product please contact