Men of the North East who fought in the land forces of Australia, New Zealand, Newfoundland, and Canada.




The entry of the United States into the First World War in April 1917 required not just the massive expansion of America’s armed forces, but also their deployment to Europe, as well as their adaptation to new kinds of warfare.

Thousands of men from the North East of England left the region in the years before 1914 and a significant number enlisted in the American army in 1917-18.
IWM was established in 1917, while the First World War was still being fought, to ensure future generations understood the causes and consequences of war, to collect and display material as a record of everyone’s experiences during that warand to remember the men and women who served.
The North East War Memorials Project is intended to assist members of the public, Local and Family History Groups, Military Historians, Schools and individuals to learn about and research their local War Memorials and record the results.
The fish quay has been at the heart of the life of North Shields for over 900 years. Members of the Net group are working to develop a Cultural and Heritage Centre where the story of this rich community can be explored by local people and visitors.
This site explores the catastrophic bombing of a public air raid shelter in North Shields, England, during World War II. A single bomb, from a lone enemy aircraft, scored a direct hit on the shelter beneath Wilkinson’s Lemonade Factory. Of the 192 people inside, 107 were killed and many injured… entire families were wiped out. It was the worst single bomb disaster outside of London during the entire war.